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Casa Vacanze Orta San Giulio

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Orta San Giulio (NO) - Italy

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Starting and arrival point: Lido di Gozzano (313 m a.s.l.)
Major points of interest: Lido di Gozzano, Tower of Buccione, Corconio, Legro, Miasino, Vacciago, Sanctuary of Madonna della Bocciola, Fondazione Calderara (Calderara Foundation).
Please note: it's possible to reduce the route to 3 hours starting from the Tower of Buccione.

The route starts in Lido di Gozzano where, before starting our walk, we can admire the lake from its southernmost point. We go up along Via Marangoni until we get back on the main road. Here we turn right and, after 200 m, left towards Bolzano Novarese (please note: this stretch can be busy). We follow the paved road, now more quiet, for another 700 m and just before the rail crossing we turn left in Via Artogno. After about 400 m the road becomes a dirt path until we come out, after about 1 hour of walking, near the climb (10 min) for the Tower of Buccione, a medieval fortress built in the 12th century for defensive purposes on the top of a hill that overlooks the lake.
We continue along the paved road and, before the rail crossing, we take the path on the left (Via Cave) which goes down in the woods along the railway line. We follow the direction "passeggiata" and after about 1 km, we reach the hamlet of Corconio (367 m a.s.l.), with its quaint alleyways and the elegant 17th century buildings. We ascend through the village following the sign "passeggiata (Orta)" until we reach the Church of S. Stefano and in front of it Villa Bonola, during the 17th century seat of the prestigious Accademia di S. Luca, which counted famous artists around the figure of the painter Giorgio Bonola and, in more recent times, home of the writers Mario Bonfantini and Mario Soldati.
We follow the path on the left of the church, pass the railway bridge and walk for its entire lenght along Via Prisciola, a comfortable country road that, remaining on top through the woods, after 1.6 km comes out at Legro, a hamlet of Orta San Giulio famous for its painted walls. After a tour of the painted houses, we turn in Via Vecchia Stazione until we reach an intersection. We turn left and after 50 m we follow on the right the direction "passeggiata (Miasino)", a pedestrian street that after 700 m joins with the main road which, after 300 m, leads us to Miasino. Reached the intersection, if you want to turn left in a few minutes you can reach the historic center, embellished with antique villas (among all the 16th century Villa Nigra, the City Hall) and religious buildings.
We turn right along the paved road staying on the right until, after about 750 m, we come to the Sanctuary of Madonna della Bocciola (18th century), with frescoes of the Lombard painter Agostino Comerio that are well worth a visit (usually is open on Saturday afternoon). From the square in front of the Sanctuary you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake. We continue along the road until we reach the hamlet of Vacciago, where it's worth visiting the Church of San Giuseppe (17th century), The Parish Church (17th century) and, for the lovers of contemporary art, the Fondazione Calderara collection (Caderara Foundation).
We continue along the paved road until we reach on the right the path for "passeggiata (Corconio)", which brings us back to the Church of S. Stefano. This time we follow the direction for Ameno and we remain on the left, going up until we find again the main road. We turn to the right (please note: this stretch can be busy) and we continue straight on until we come back to the starting point after about 3 km.

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