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Casa Vacanze Orta San Giulio

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Orta San Giulio (NO) - Italy

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Starting point: Lido di Gozzano (313 m a.s.l.)
Arrival point: Pella (294 m a.s.l.)
Major points of interest: Lido di Gozzano, lakeside promenade, "Il pascolo" beach ("The pasture"), "La Piattaforma" beach ("The platform"), Lagna, Pella.

The route starts in Lido di Gozzano where, before starting our walk, we can admire the lake from its southernmost point near the pier and visit, if open, the nice little church nearby. After walking along the car parking for its entire length, we turn left and then immediately right, and we take a comfortable dirt path that runs along the western shore of the lake in a beautiful natural setting, with reedbeds and pristine forests. Along the route there are some benches where you can stop to rest or to enjoy the view.
After about 1.5 km the road becomes paved and we find on the right the access to the free beach "Il pascolo" ("The pasture"), with an easy path to the lake and a long pier, one of the favourite destinations of the locals for sunbathing in the weekends. Going on, the road offers a beautiful view of Lido's bay and of the Tower of Buccione. Beyond the well-known inn "Da Venanzio", the road becomes again a dirt path and after 300 m we cross on the left the trail that leads to the Fountain of San Giulio, which can be reached after a quite challenging climb of about 200 m (difference in level of about 100 m). It is said that the fountain was made gush from the rock by San Giulio in person, who wanted to drink before getting to the island on board of his cloak, and scaring away the dragons and snakes that infested the place.
The dirt path becomes more narrow when passing by Punta Casario, until it reaches at 4.3 km the free beach "La piattaforma" ("The platform"), a seaside resort that perhaps offers, because of its proximity, the best view of the island. The beach is quite wide and in the inland a dense forest offers during the hottest days some relaxing moments away from the summer heat.
We continue along the road until we reach, after a few hundred meters, the quaint village of Lagna, with beautifully decorated house facades, an old wash house, a church and a small pier.
We pass a river and come out on the road where, after more than 5 km, the section of the trail almost completely closed to motor vehicles comes to an end.
We turn to the right and, being careful to stay on the side of the road (with little traffic but narrow) we head to the lakeside promenade of Pella (highly recommended is the ice cream shop "Antica Torre"), where our route ends.
For the return you can go back along the same path or follow the alternative route 2B (Pella - Lido di Gozzano).

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