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Casa Vacanze Orta San Giulio

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Orta San Giulio (NO) - Italy

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Starting and arrival point: picnic area called Paganetto in Pettenasco (323 m a.s.l.)
Major points of interest: Carcegna, Miasino, Villa Nigra, Pisogno, Armeno, Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, River Pescone valley.

Our route starts near the picnic area called Paganetto in Pettenasco, beyond the railway viaduct: we take the path on the right following the indication "Carcegna" that goes into the woods. After about 770 m, at a junction we keep to the right and go beyond a couple of houses. The road becomes less steep, remaining on top, until it reaches the quaint village of Carcegna (414 m a.s.l.).
Once arrived at the Parish Church of San Pietro (17th century), which is worth a visit, we turn right along the downhill and immediately after we take Via alle Scuole on the left. At the end of the road, leaving on our left the Circolo (local club), we take on the right the path that goes down in the meadows. We pass over the small bridge and walk the short climb up to the junction. To our right, hidden in the woods, we can see on the top of the hill the ancient ruins of the medieval castle.
We turn left and continue through the woods until we reach the village of Miasino in Via Borsattino. We pass under the archway of Villa Pestalozza and turn left in Via Solaroli until we arrive in the central Piazza Beltrami. Here on the right we can visit the 16th century Villa Nigra, now the City Hall, renowned for its painted facades and its beautiful inner courtyard. On the left there is the Oratory of Santa Maria di Piazza, in Baroque style. Leaving the chapel on the left, we continue along Via Umberto I and turn left in Via Bertani. After about 70 meters we turn right and reach the majestic Parish Church of San Rocco (16th century), that dominates the town. Beyond the facade we keep to the right and go down along the staircase from which we can access the Garden of Esau (garden about biodiversity). We turn left and continue straight on until we reach the main road, which we cross near the cemetery.
After about 400 m, once reached the pools of Pisogno, we turn left and then immediately right onto a dirt road and we continue to walk in the plain keeping us on the right. The road becomes a pleasant walk immersed in the green of the River Agogna valley, which brings us to the village of Armeno. When we reach the main road (Via delle Due Riviere), we cross it onto Via Pariani, which we walk until we arrive in Piazza della Vittoria (530 m a.s.l.), seat of the City Hall and heart of the town.
We keep to the right walking along the slightly downhill tree-lined avenue, and after 350 m on the left we find the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta (12th century), a fine example of medieval architecture that is definitely worth a visit. We continue then in the same direction until we reach the main road that we walk for a short distance keeping to the right. We follow the direction "Lago d'Orta" and after about 250 m we turn right and take a comfortable dirt road which we follow for 550 m until we arrive to a crossroads. We turn now left and descend along the River Pescone valley for about 2 km until we come back to the starting point.

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