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Casa Vacanze Orta San Giulio

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28016 Orta San Giulio (NO)

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Appartamenti per vacanze in affitto turistico sul lago d'Orta




2019-05-10 12:30




Punto di partenza e di arrivo: Stazione ferroviaria di Legro (365 m s.l.m.)Principali punti di interesse: Legro, Orta San Giulio, Sacro Monte.


Starting and arrival point: Orta-Miasino railroad station at Legro (365 m s.l.m.)
Major points of interest: Legro, Orta San Giulio, Sacro Monte.
Our route starts at Legro, hamlet of Orta San Giulio famous for its wall paintings inspired by celebrated italian movies, where we can leave the car near the train station. We head south then turn right following the indication for the hiking route to Orta. We pass under the railway bridge and continue walking keeping the soccer field on our left, where a footpath leads to the hamlet of Ortello. We descend along the paved road and pass the roundabout, where on the left we can find Villa Crespi, a 19th century building in Moorish style that now has become a renowned hotel-restaurant run by Michelin-starred chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo.
We turn left in Via Fava and, after 250 m, in Via Ortello until we reach the shore of Lake Orta, where we can find a pier and a small beach. We continue along the narrow pedestrian path indicated by the sign "passeggiata" that, along the lakeside promenade enriched by elegant 19th century villas, leads to the city center.
Just before the main square we find on the right the Oratory of the Holy Trinity, with 18th century frescoes by Luca Rossetti in its inside. Continuing along Via Giovannetti we arrive at the famous Piazza Motta, enclosed by porches on three sides, where every Wednesday since 1228 the popular weekly market takes place; in front of us we can see the 16th century Palazzo della Comunità della Riviera.
From the square we can reach, with just a few minutes of ferry ride, San Giulio Island (only 550 m from here), seat of the Basilica (a superb Romanesque building set on an ancient church traditionally founded around 390 AD by St. Julius) and of the former seminar now home of a community of Benedictine nuns.
Going further along Via Giovannetti, beyond Piazza Motta, we arrive at Piazza Ragazzoni and just ahead on the left we find Casa Bossi, now the City Hall (don’t miss a visit to its gardens). Once reached the 17th century Oratory of San Rocco we continue along the road that shortly becomes a walkway overlooking the lake shore. The trail climbs up to bring us back on the paved road, where we turn right along the uphill that leads to the "Sacro Monte". After about 400 m we keep on the right and, following the indication for "Casa Serena", we walk along Via Albertoletti that, remaining on top, leads us back to the historic center of Orta near the underground parking. We turn left and continue straight ahead (Via Alpini) until we arrive near the staircase that leads to the 15th century Parish Church of S. Maria Assunta. From here we turn right and keep walking until we reach the cemetery of San Quirico.
We turn left and walk along the uphill that leads to the Sacro Monte of Orta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located inside a special natural reserve, it consists of 20 chapels decorated with frescoes and statues, dedicated to narrating the life of St. Francis of Assisi.
After our visit to the Sacro Monte we descend along the paved road arriving to Villa Crespi and from there back to Legro. At the beginning of the climb we turn left in Via Don Bosco, we pass under the railway bridge and go straight on, then we turn right in Via Vecchia Stazione that brings us back to the starting point.

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